Paula Hofherr, 06.07.2020

200 years Zugspitze first ascent

The highest mountain in Germany and also the highest in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. 200 years ago it was said "da kimmt ma ned nauf!", today it is quite comfortable with the mountain railways or on foot, as the mountaineer Josef Naus did for the first time in 1820. On 27 August 1820, he was the first person to climb the Zugspitze summit on foot.
Even though the path on the German side of the mountain led across the Höllental valley at the time, the anniversary also plays an important role for the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena.
A piece of history of the first climber
Josef Naus was a Bavarian officer and surveyor. His family, who came from Belgium or the Netherlands, emigrated to Tyrol in the 17th century.
Together with a group of officers and commoners, Naus was commissioned in 1820 to produce the Werdenfels map for the Topographic Atlas of Bavaria. On 27 August 1820, Naus, his assistant Maier and the mountain guide Johann Georg Tauschl succeeded in making the first documented ascent of Zugspitze.
200 years full of changes
From the first ascent in 1820 to the most modern cable car in Austria. The Zugspitze summit is now accessible by 3 cable cars. The first one, the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn of Ehrwald, was opened in 1926. 37 years later, in 1963, the Eibsee cable car opened from Grainau and again 31 years later, in 1992, the Bayerische Gletscherbahn opened. With a difference in altitude of 1,725m, the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn effortlessly overcomes the long distance and transports up to 100 people per cabin to the summit every day.
The Zugspitze with its "4-country view" is one of the parade view mountains of the Alps. On clear days, the view is simply magnificent and unique.
For those who are curious, the "Fascination Zugspitze" world of experience, with the highest 3D show in Europe, various film screenings, a glass floor with a view into the depths and much more, illustrates detailed information about the history of Zugspitze.
A summit record within reach
An idea at least as crazy as Josef Naus had back in 1820 could be developed this year, with the marketing team of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena and the online marketing agency Speed U Up.
For the 200-year anniversary, the Zugspitze will be climbed once again, indeed via the Tyrolean side, but with a heavier load via the so-called "Gatterl". The heaviest piece of furniture, in this case a bench, is to be carried to the summit of the Wetterstein massif with the help of a local mountain guide and an influencer. Packaged as a world record, the first ascent, 200 years ago, is remembered in a different way.


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