Zunftkirche Innenansicht Zunftkirche Innenansicht

Zunftkirche St. Josef

At the end of the 17th century, many craftsmen from Bichlbach and Außerfen moved north as masons, plasterers and carpenters, especially to Swabia. Before going on seasonal work, they met in the "Josefskirche", which stands on a hill above the village. From 1710 to 1718, the then pastor of Bichlbach, Lucas Egger, built a baroque guild church instead of the old wooden chapel, according to the plans of the builder of the Innsbruck cathedral church, Johann Jakob Herkommer from Füssen. The single-nave, two-story building with two crypt chapels is the only guild church in Austria. At the beginning of the seventies, this cultural monument was wonderfully renovated and a new guild brotherhood was founded in 1977.


Zunftbruderschaft St. Josef zu Bichlbach
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