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Police station Lermoos

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With an imperial resolution of February 2, 1869 the k. k. Security guard set up. For 136 years, the security guard was the second large police corps in Austria alongside the gendarmerie in the larger cities.

The main task of the new security guard as a "civil institute" was to maintain public peace, order and security. The guards had to protect the property and ensure that the law was followed. They had to support the state and municipal authorities in their official acts and report abuses.

"Unusual intellectual strength, momentary perception, liberalism paired with a deep sense of duty, decency in private life and urban courtesy, even a higher degree of elegance in all traffic are unavoidable requirements of a security officer." Anton Ritter von Le Monnier required these qualities of the guards. Le Monnier, Strobach's successor as police director in Vienna from 1870, is considered a great reformer of the police. He abolished the confederate system and divided the police into offices and other organizational units, including the presidential office, the central inspectorate, the economics department of the security guard, the inspectorate of the agent institute (later: the detective inspectorate), and the auxiliary offices. Le Monnier's division of police agendas into three sections (State Police Department, Security and Judicial Police Department, Administrative Department) lasted for more than a hundred years.

Four guards were initially provided for each rayon; later a fifth guard per rayon was added.
Police director Le Monnier introduced a 24-hour exchange service.
The security guards alternated three hours of work in the field and three hours in the office.
Some of the guards formed the "reserve".


Polizeikommando Lermoos
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