Situation & Measures

Safe holidays in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena are very important to us and for our guests during these times.
We are looking forward to revitalise our region and its extraordinary places.

Good to know:

  • Since 24th  of July, compulsory masks must be worn in all supermarkets, bank branches and post offices.
  • Since 15th of May our restaurants are open again to cater for your culinary wishes
  • Sine 29th of May our accommodation has reopened again to accommodate guests and holiday makers
  • Since 15th of June the borders are open again to allow holiday makers to cross the border and visit the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena
  • Flexible and individual cancellation policies are offered
  • Daily Covid-19 figures for the Tirol are listed here

Please respect:

  • min. 1 metre distance to other people
  • avoid shaking hands and embraces
  • wear a face mask, where obligatory*
  • wash your hands several times a day for a min. of 30 sec.
  • sneeze or cough in crook of the arm or a handkerchief
*A face mask is only compulsory in the following cases:
  • in supermarkets,
  • in bank branches,
  • in postoffices,
  • in public transport,
  • in pharmacies,
  • for staff in the catering industry, as well as
  • in the service industry, where a distance of one metre can not be guaranteed between customer and provider, unless the infection risk can be reduced through other precautionary measures
In case you should feel ill...
  • stay at home/in your accommodation
  • inform your host
  • call the Austrian health-hotline on 1450

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Since 29th of May accommodation is open again. Please respect the minimum distance. The face mask is recommended where crowds meet.
Restaurants and Inns?
Restaurants, inns and cafés are open since 15th of May. The minimum distance applies. Please book in advance and pay by card where possible.
Public transport?
Face masks are obligatory in public transport. The minimum distance only applies where possible. Public transport operates fully again.
Indoor and outdoor events up to a 100 people are possible again. Major events are prohibited until 31st of August.
Sport and leisure facilities?
Leisure facilities, places of interest, swimming pools, etc. are open to the public since 29th of May. The minimum distance applies. Please book in advance where possible and avoid queues at the entrace/exit.
Mountain huts?
Mountain huts have the same regulations as hotels and all accommodation – common spaces can be used with a minimum distance of 1,5 metres and technical precautionary measures. Compulsary reservation system: overnight stays can only be guaranteed with a prior reservation. Please use the online reservation system.
Food, sport and fashion stores, flower and craft shops as well as boutiques are open again, with the precautionary measures in place.