„Einscheller” of Ehrwald

Motley hustle and bustle in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

At the beginning of every year the “Einscheller” of Ehrwald are on their way through the village in order to drive out the mean ghosts of the cold winter season.

With loads of show and noise the “Einscheller” go their rounds through the village with colourfully painted, valuable masks and with sequins embroidered costumes. At the top of the parade is the billy goat. His costume is stored in a goat pen one week before the parade takes place so that the costume smells after “original goat”. After the billy goat come the “Roller”, the “Scheller” and the four witches – all are masked and dressed up.

A dance is performed in every restaurant and hotel to drive out the ghosts of the winter with loads of noise and to welcome the carnival & spring.

If you want to see the spectacle in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena: The “Einscheller” are in Ehrwald at the beginning of every year. The exact dates can be found in our event calendar.