highest brewery in Austria

At the Stadl-Bräu, Austria's highest family brewery, beer is home-brewed. Three delicious sorts of beer are available. The brewery was built in 1995. Today, guided tours through the brewerey are offered.

The beer can also be purchased in bottles directly at the brewery:

Prices for takeaway:

4-way carrier (à 0,5 liter): 6.40 Euro - no refund
1 liter beer: 3.70 Euro - incl. 1.50 Euro refund
2 liters beer: 14.40 Euro - incl. 10.00 Euro refund
(prices are subject to change)

Vouchers are available at the brewery, per eMail or per telephone.

Stadl-Bräu Express

Die brewerey also offers a slow train - the Stadl-Bräu Express. Always popular with families and kids.