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Ultimate fun: try the mountain scooters, monster mountain scooters or mountain carts and race down the mountain trails.

monster mountain scooter | mountain carts Biberwier

Start Marienberg Biberwier top station or Sunnalm
Finish Marienberg Biberwier base station
Length 4 km
Vertical 700 m
Minimum age 10 years

PS: with the z-ticket, one run is included!

Opening hours:  opening hours Marienbergbahn.

Prices lift ticket & rental equipment 2019
  Mountain scooter Mountain cart
Adults 1 trip (section I + II) 20.00 26.00
Children 1 trip (section I + II) 15.00 19.00
Adults 2 hours 28.00 36.00
Children 2 hours 19.00 26.00

All prices in Euro inkl. VAT and subject to change.

Mountain scooter Bichlbach & Berwang

Overview Bichlbach
Start Almkopfbahn Bichlbach base station
Finish Almkopfbahn Bichlbach base station
Length 9,6 km
Overview Berwang
Start Sonnalmbahn Berwang base station
Finish Sonnalmbahn Berwang base station
Length 4,5 km
Prices 2019 Adults Children Tandem
Hochalm-Almkopfbahn 15,50 12,00 18,50
Hochalm-Sonnalmbahn 12,50 9,50 15,50
Combination Round 21,00 16,00 24,00

all prices in Euro inkl. VAT and subject to change.

Opening times
30.05. - 30.06.2019 Thu, Sat & Sun
01.07. - 25.08.2019 daily except for Tuesday
26.08. - 06.10.2019 Thu, Sat & Sun
Open 09.00 - 16.00 

NEW: Flying Fox

The new Flying Fox in the Bichlbach Sports and Leisure Park guarantees a "goose bump feeling". In the truest sense of the word, you fly on a 380 m long steel cable from the start at the Sonnenbichl at a lofty height over the lake to the landing platform on the other side of the Talbach. The impressive mountain scenery and the breathtaking view of the Zugspitze make the "flight" a spectacular and unforgettable experience for young and old (from 35 kg). The great thing about it is that you can experience the adventure also as a couple!

Prices 2019 Adults Kids Families (min. 1 adult & 1 kid)
1 ride 18,00 14,00 15,00/11,00
with a guestcard 15,00 11,00  
every additional ride 8,00 6,00 8,00/6,00

All prices in Euro inkl. VAT and subject to change. Kids prices up to 14 y.

Opening times
from 16.07. 2019 Tuesday - Sunday
Open: 14.00 - 19.00 (Monday closed)
Low season only until 18.00