Mountain safety


Emergency telephone numbers

  • Mountain rescue: 140
  • International emergency number: 112
  • Fire department: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Rescue: 144

There is a lot to learn about mountain climbing! (PDF)

Mountain Rescue Insurance

... through the Mountain Rescue Tirol membership

The statistics speak for themselves: every year (too) many guests and locals have an accident while hiking/climbing in the mountains. Following helicopter rescue mission can make for an unexpected bill.

As a member of Mountain Rescue Tirol this won't happen to you. With a yearly membership fee (more info here) you can get an insurance for your entire family.

What happens to your money?
The Mountain Rescue Tirol provides more than 4,000 search and mountain rescuers during 365 days year round. With just a support amount of only 24 Euros you will help the mountain rescue with procurement of equipment and be insured with your family in the event of an accident in the mountains.

Mountain Rescue Tirol membership - Overview

Price: min. 28 Euro/Year (Website Mountain Rescue Tirol)

Insured are:
Co-insured are married couples/cohabitating partners and children who live in a common household and have not reached their 18th birthday.

Valid from:
The day following the membership fee payment.

Insurance includes:
Alpine rescue (ground rescue + flight)
Rescue on the slopes, avalanche dogs, search operations
Crevasse rescue on a glacier
Wild water emergency | Canyoning accidents

What happens in case of a rescue?
The bill, the confirmation of the payment and the notice of damage will be sent to the Bergrettung Tirol HQ and they will take care of the reimbursement (up to 15,000 Euros for search, recovery, and rescue costs).

Become a supporting member now, support the organization and take advantage of the numerous benefits!

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