Hl. Katharina Hl. Katharina

Parish church St Katharina

The Katharina Church, built in 1754, is considered one of the most beautiful baroque churches in the whole of Tyrol

History: In 1363 the first place of worship named "Katharinenkirche" is mentioned. In 1552 the Lermoos church was partially destroyed and looted, in 1634 a plague cemetery was established, and in 1648 the Martinskirche was built and consecrated on this site. This chapel was demolished in 1751 and in the same year construction could begin according to plans by Franz Kleinhans from Pinswang. The shell was completed in 1753, the tower was built in 1767-69.
In 1761 the church was consecrated. In 1957 the interior was restored by Toni Kirchmayr from Innsbruck.
Exterior: The church is a uniform baroque building with transept-like chapels and a baroque hipped roof. The tower in the north of the church is essentially Gothic, it stands at the transition from the choir to the side chapel. The nave has sloping corners towards the west facade. The drawn-in choir closes off round. The tower has a strong cornice under the second floor, it has corner pilasters and arched sound windows. The steeple of the parish church of St. Catherine is crowned by an onion dome. Interior: The interior is richly furnished with baroque and rococo elements that were created in the years that followed the construction. The longitudinal axis is 36.50 m, the transverse axis 12.70 m, in the side chapels 17.40 m. The height of the room is 12.30 m. The interior of the church was done around 1780, another in around 1830. The altarpiece of the main altar was created by the Imst painter Johann Georg Witwer, it depicts the beheading of St. Catherine (around 1730). The figures on the main altar are among the creations of Franz Xaver Renn (around 1830). The Sebastian Altar was probably a foundation of the Sebastian Brotherhood, it was supplemented by figures by Martin Falbesoner from Nassereith (1780). The pulpit and confessionals made by Johann Anton Renn date from the same period. In the tower of the church there is a bell from 1411, which can be regarded as the oldest surviving Tyrolean bell. It escaped the smelting actions of the two world wars. The listed church is one of the most beautiful sacred buildings of the 18th century in Tyrol.


Pfarrkirche zur Hl. Katharina
PA Thomas Witsch
6631 Lermoos
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