your active card in summer

Discover the region with the z-ticket - your active card - and benefit from many advantages. With the purchase of your active card, you can save money:

The Z-Ticket gives you free access to many facilities / means of transportation: mountain railways, boat trip, free busses, indoor & outdoor pools and much more! A highlight is one trip to the top of the Zugspitze.

Since summer 2016: The ticket is available as 3day to 13day pass. 
(Valid only for consecutive days!)

The Z-ticket is valid from 25 May to 01 November 2017 and can be purchased at the base stations of the cable cars as well as at some hotels.

Additionally, the Z-Ticket is included in our summer packages. If you book a Z-Ticket package at one of our partner facilities (available as 4 or 7 nights), the active card is included.

During low season, the ticket can be purchased at special rates: 25 May - 02 July & 02 September - 01. November 2017.

Benefits Z-Ticket

The z-ticket gives you free access to the following facilities | means of transportation:

Cableways Transportation
Tiroler Zugspitzbahn single entrance Postbus daily
Ehrwalder Almbahn 1 x per day round bus daily
Grubigsteinbahn Lermoos each section 1x a day Boat & Bathing
Marienbergbahn Biberwier each section 1 x a day Boat trip Lake Heiterwang 1 x
Sonnalmbahn Berwang 1 x when operating Panorama swimming pool Lermoos daily
Almkopfbahn Bichlbach 1 x when operating indoor swimming pool Ehrwald daily
Funsport & further activities open air swimming pool Berwang daily
summer toboggan run Biberwier once per day swimming lake Bichlbach daily
indoor tennis centre Ehrwald 1 hour per day (2 Z-Tickets)    
minigolf / tennis court Bichlbach 1 round / hour daily    
mountain scooter Biberwier single entrance    

All advantages, discounts and attractions at a glance can be found in our z-ticket flyer:
Z-Ticket Flyer (>> PDF Download)


  • During high season, the Z-Ticket is sold at the normal price (=NP).
  • During low season (25 May - 02 July & 02 september - 01 November, 2017), the Z-Ticket (from 6-days) is sold at reduced prices (=RP) if you book at least 7 nights in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena.
Days Adults Teens (16-18 years) Children (6-15 years)
  NP* RP* NP* RP* NP* RP*
3 58.00   46.00   29.00  
4 65.00   52.00   32.00  
5 72.00   58.00   35.00  
6 78.00 58.00 63.00 43.00 37.00 17.00
7 84.00 64.00 68.00 48.00 39.00 19.00
8 90.00 70.00 73.00 53.00 41.00 21.00
9 96.00 76.00 78.00 58.00 43.00 23.00
10 102.00 82.00 83.00 63.00 45.00 25.00
11 108.00 88.00 88.00 68.00 47.00 27.00
12 114.00 94.00 93.00 73.00 49.00 29.00
13 120.00 100.00 98.00 78.00 51.00 31.00


Your savings - a sample calculation

Sample calculation: 1 Adult with 6-day pass Z-Ticket:

Sun Bichlbach Almkopfbahn ascent & descent
boat trip lake Heiterwang
Mon Biberwier Marienbergbahn ascent & summer tobogganing 1 x
Mountain scooter 1 x
Tue Ehrwalder Almbahn ascent & descent
Bichlbach leisure park incl. swimming lake
Wed Tiroler Zugspitzbahn ascent & descent
indoor swimming pool Ehrwald
Thur Berwang Sonnalmbahn ascent & descent
outdoor swimming pool Berwang
Fri Lermoos Grubigsteinbahn Grubighütte ascent & descent
outdoor swimming pool Lermoos
  total price of all activities
price of the Z-Ticket 6-day pass
  >> savings in Euro 79.70


Points of Sale

Where you can buy the z-ticket:

>> For the purchase of a reduced Z-Ticket, it is necessary to show your guest card!

Rules & Regulations

Age limits: From the age of 19 onwards the person is classified as an adult. • From the age of 16 to 18 the person is classified as a youth.• From the age of 6 to 15 the person is classified as a child. • For children up to 5 there is no  Z-Ticket, but the partner companies can decide individually if money is charged for their services.
General regulations: The Z-Ticket is personalised and issued with the name of the holder. • The card is non-transferable; this applies also to family members. • When using the Z-Ticket facilities, the ticket must be submitted at any time on request, together with proof of identity. • The Z-Ticket can be purchased at the prices valid in the respective season. • Subsequent exchange with another product including a Z-Ticket with a different period of validity and the transfer to other persons or change of the period of validity is not possible. • There is no right of refund in case of bad weather, illness, early departure, failure or non-operation of facilities. • The individual services the holder of the ticket is entitled to are provided by legally independent companies. The company selling this ticket acts only on behalf of the other companies as their representative. The respective company is therefore responsible for providing the individual
services and for damage compensation in case of any possible incidents.
Regulations for use: The Z-Ticket entitles the holder to use the facilities of the member companies during the operating and opening hours (this does not include extra tours outside the normal operating hours). The business and operating hours are defined by the respective member company. Operation-related blocks of single member companies (partial or entire) for whatsoever reason do not entail any right to refund or aliquot restitution. The use of several facilities in one day is possible. • Loss: It is not possible to issue a substitute card. Forgotten tickets: Should the holder have forgotten the Z-Ticket, he is obliged to pay the regular rate to the member company.Unauthorised use: Any misuse of the Z-Ticket by the holder entails the immediate withdrawal of the Z-Ticket. Misuse is for example when the Z-Ticket is transferred to third parties, when during purchase incorrect information such as age etc. is given or when it has been fraudulently obtained by providing false details. • Defective data carrier: If a Z-Ticket data carrier cannot be read properly although the card is valid according to the printed date, the cableway company can issue a ‘new‘ card.
It should be noted for the sake of clarity that exclusively the German version of the above text on ‘Rules for the use of the Z-Ticket‘ is legally valid.