Ski Resort Zugspitze

the utmost skiing pleasure on 3,000 metres

This is Zugspitze:

• powder snow and glacier sun on 2,962 metres
• ski-runs with snow guaranteed
• modern gondolas, no waiting, free parking
• powder snow rides for boarders and skiers
• panoramic view on top

Hours of operation

Winter 2017/18: 01. - 03.12.2017 & 08. - 10.12.2017. Daily from 16.12.2017 until 08.04.2018

Ski map Zugspitzplatt

Piste guide Zugspitzplatt

blue (L) 6,6 km
red (M) 10,2 km
black (S) 0 km

blue = easy| red = medium | black = very difficult

name difficulty length vertical
1, 1a Gletscherabfahrten blue (L) 3,100m 160m
2 Weißes Tal red (M) 1,500m 350m
2a Skiweg Weißes Tal blue (L) 1,500m 50m
3 Zufahrt Wetterwandeck red (M) 1,500m 250m
4 Wetterwandeck West ble (L) 2,000m 300m
5 Wetterwandeck Ost red (M) 500m 300m
6 Super G red (M) 2,900m 500m
7 Brunntal red (M) 1,500m 300m
8 Sonnenkar red (M) 800m 150m
9 Aspen Run red (M) 1,500m 290m