„Krampus- & Tuifl“ …

…the devilish helpers of St. Nicholas

History and present of the Krampus

Originally, the tradition of the Krampus goes way back in history. At the beginning of December, St. Nicholas and its Krampus wander together through the villages to admonish and laud young and old. Back then, the Krampus represented the evil companion of St. Nicholas who stood for darkness and scolding whereas the Saint symbolized the Good.

Nowadays, the Krampus is deeply rooted in the regional tradition. He stepped out of the shadow of St. Nicholas and goes now its own way. Besides the traditional St. Nicholas Day at the beginning of December, various Krampus & Tuifl runs are taking place in the pre-Christmas period. Those runs are scarily beautiful but also fascinating. The participants do not only show their impressive masks and costumes (fur, mask + bells) but also create a show with flaming cauldrons, wicked angels and fiery shows.


From mid-November until mid-December. You can find the exact dates in our event calendar

Christoph Walz explains the Krampus