Swimming Lakes

crystal clear lakes


The Blindsee is a mountain lake and is surrounded by a wooded landscape. Due to its beautiful location with impressive views of the mountains, the Blindsee attracts many guests.

The lake is especially popular with divers. With its enormous visibility up to 30m, the Blindsee is a true diver's paradise. Under his water surface one finds spectacular images: an avalanche swept many tree trunks in the lake which provide a stunning structure today.

The lake is privately owned by the Hotel Mohr Life Resort. A fishing and diving a license is required.

sealevel 1.093m
surface 26 ha
depth 25m
water temperature ca. 18-22°C
bathing prices parking fee        


mittersee mittersee

The Mittersee is a small and idyllic mountain lake near Biberwier. The water temperature can rise up to 22 ° C in summer. A new playground has been constructed.

sealevel 1.086 m
surface 3,7 ha
depth 4 m
water temperature ca. 22°C
bathing prices for free