Forest One (Thunder) + Two (=Aisle)

Freeride trails Forest One (=Thunder) + Forest Two (= Aisle) in Lermoos: jumps, ramps, curves, dirt trails and more.

Forest One (Thunder) at a glance:

vertical: start 1,290 m, finish 930 m (360 m difference)
length: 0.9 km gravel, 2.0 km trial
type of ground: gravel trail, dirt track, obstacles
level of difficulty: S2 medium

Forest Two (Aisle) at a glance:

vertical: start 1,712m (392m difference)
length: 3.3 km trial
type of ground: dirt track, obstacles
level of difficulty: S2 medium
Opened from the beginning of July 2016

Forest One prices 2018

  adults children
2 hours 14.00 8.00
4 hours 20.00 13.00
1 day 26.50 16.00
2 days 35.00 20.00
3 days 42.50 25.00
4 days 50.00 30.00
5 days 58.00 35.00

Rules and Regulations

Driving on the ride track FOREST ONE + TWO is at your own risk!
On the entire route there helmet, protectors and protective equipment required!

  • Rate their own skills, adapt to the weather and Wegverhältnissen!
  • Only selected distance traveled, riding off the marked path, for example on the trail or in open terrain is prohibited
  • Safety precautions are to be observed without exception!
  • The instructions of the staff of the mountain railway to be obeyed!
  • Driving on the track is only recommended with suitable and well maintained freeride mountain bikes
  • In case of accident or defect no liability for damages can be made against the cable car!
  • Accidents or other significant events should be reported immediately to the cable car!