Mountain Lakes

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Seebensee - a jewel of nature

The Seebensee is a wonderful mountain lake at 1.675m  and is arguably one of the finest of its kind in Tyrol. Its imposing location and brilliant turquoise color make the Sebensee so unique and to a popular destination for hikers and bikers.

Ascent to the Seebensee
Hikes to Seebensee are available in different levels of difficulty and can be started from Ehrwald or Biberwier. You can choose between easy hiking trails or demanding High up to the lake it is either easy or challenging climbing routes.


The Drachensee (dragon lake) is a blueish glittering mountain lake on 1.910m and is 28m deep. It is directly situated underneath the Coburger Hütte, a lovely alpine cabin, and little above the Seebensee. The Drachensee is the highest lake og the region. Very brave visitors risk a jump into the very cold water.


The Igelsee is a small mountain lake at 1.585m and is located above the Ehrwalder Alm. In some maps, the lake is also called Negelsee or Egelsee. Starting from the Ehrwalder Alm, the Igelsee can be reached on the way to the Seebensee.